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DeCastro vs Floyd

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The other point, and the biggest in my mind, is that DeCastro is one of the top players in the entire draft, and one of the few “can’t miss” guys. By all accounts, he is the kind of player you plug into the line, and then enjoy it for the next 10 years. Floyd can be that kind of guy, but isn’t as much of a sure thing. I think you need to build from the inside-out, and beefing up the guard position with DeCastro just makes too much sense to pass on.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think Michael Floyd will be a very good NFL WR. I would enjoy seeing him lined up opposite A.J. Green as much as anyone, but there are drawbacks. I also wonder if having Floyd would make it easier to let Green walk when his rookie contract is up in a few years. As I pointed out, there are a lot of ways the Bengals can go in this draft and have it be a successful one. The team should come out of it much better than they were, no matter what, and yes, even if Floyd is the pick. However, for the reasons I mentioned, if (yes, a huge if) DeCastro is still around at pick 17, he should be the selection without hesitation.

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