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Bengals Having Great Success in NFL Draft’s 4th-Round

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While the first-round of the NFL Draft is where you’ll normally find the greatest talent coming out of college, the later rounds will also feature a number of future NFL stars. Surprisingly for the Bengals, the fourth-round has been where the team has had some of its greatest drafting success.

Here are a list of players whom the Bengals have selected in round 4 from 2001-2010:

Rudi Johnson

Jeremi Johnson

Robert Geathers

Stacey Andrews

Domata Peko

Anthony Collins

Geno Atkins

Clint Boling

All of these players have started multiple games, and 6 of the 7 for at least one full season for the Bengals. Collins has been a solid backup and may be in line to become the full-time starter at RT next season if the team lets Andre Smith leave via free agency. You also have

Two starting DEs in Geathers and Michael Johnson

A starting G/OT for multiple season in Andrews

The franchise’s single-season and #3 all-time rusher in Rudi Johnson

A very high-level DT in Peko

A potential All-Pro in Atkins.