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Stripe Hype Draft Profile: Boston College MLB Luke Kuechly

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NFL Mocks breaks down Kuechly’s game into pros and cons:

"Pros–Good size…great instincts…tackling machine…smart kid…team leader…very sharp…performs under pressure…can play sideline to sideline because of instincts and speed… very aggressive against the run…solid in coverage limitations…relentless…extremely productive…making more plays in the backfield this year Cons–Plays on a terrible team, or not a very good team…up tackles at an alarming rate, but very low percentage come behind the line of scrimmage (in 2010 and also 2011, but less so)…only three career sacks so not a great interior pass rusher, or he is not used in that way a lot   Player comparison–BarrettRuud,Tennessee Titans"

If the Bengals do draft Kuechly, it will likely lead to current starting MLB

Rey Maualuga

being moved back to the OLB spot where he played for his first two NFL seasons. The Bengals haven’t had a consistent MLB since the days of

Takeo Spikes

. Kuechly isn;t the flashiest player, and won’t make any highlight-reel tackles or sacks, but he is a solid football player who will be a consistent tackler in the physical AFC North where a MLB can make or break a teams’ defense. Last year, that spot broke the Bengals at the end of the year, and if they don’t want that to happen again, they’ll draft Kuechly if he’s still on the board.

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