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The Bengals did come away with a guard, and the guy they liked all along, in Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler, a guy who is a great player in his own right. However, a large segment of fans was inconsolable. How could the Bengals have allowed the Steelers to nab DeCastro? After some sleep, and some thought, I’ve come to terms, and am OK with the results of last nights round. First of all, Zeitler is certainly no slouch. He’s big, mean, and didn’t allow a single sack in three years. He also comes from a school who has produced some pretty good offensive linemen over the years. He fits the Bengals offensive scheme very well, and will open a lot of holes for the running backs. I don’t think he’s as far below DeCastro as some people think. Secondly, while it is somewhat disappointing that DeCastro went to the Steelers, they were going to get an impact guy anyway, most likely Alabama LB D’ante Hightower, who would have been just another defender to deal with. The third thing is that Bengals fans should be happy Mike Brown addressed the offensive line at all. He isn’t a guy who likes using those early picks on interior linemen, and did what was best for a team wanting to run the football.

I like both of the players that we wound up with in round one. Kirkpatrick is a solid tackler, and is tall and athletic. Zeitler is going to be a beast to deal with on the offensive line, and Bengals fans are going to enjoy having him. Things might not have fallen the way some people wanted, but they still fell nicely. The fans that are upset about the DeCastro situation should go watch some Wisconsin games and see Zeitler play before jumping to conclusions. I think they’ll see things differently, and might be a little less perturbed. I do by the light of a new day. So instead of grousing about things, I’ll be wishing for success for the guys we drafted already, and hoping for some nice picks in the rounds still to come, and OK, yes, maybe I’ll be wishing just a bit for David DeCastro to be not quite as good as I thought he would be a few days ago.

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