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Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu

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NFL Mocks breaks down Sanu’s game into pros and cons;

"Pros: Versatile is an understatement… he can catch…throw…can be used as a return man and can even punt in a pinch…pretty good size at 6’2 215 pounds…agile…tough (played through injuries all last year)…smooth athlete…creates separation off the line of scrimmage and in his routes…explosive of the line of scrimmage…very good blocker for a WR….has run the wildcat effectively…has good vision with the ball in his hands…sure hands…yards after the catch…better football player than he is an athlete…Massive hands   Cons: raw route runner (spending so much time at other positions doesn’t help his development)…has battled through injuries much of his college career…even though he’s been productive, he doesn’t have Justin Blackmon kind of numbers…Might be a tick slower than ideal…does most of his damage underneath…probably not a true #1 WR at the N.F.L.   Player comparison: Brad Smith-This is more about their kinds of abilities than it is what I think Sanu can be. Sanu will be a much better wide receiver than Smith is (smith throws the ball much better), but he’s the only kind of gadget player who has any size to him. You could compare Sanu to a bigger Percy Harvin and that’s a fair comparison as well. Sanu could be an excellent return man, and I think he’ll be a very nice wide receiver as well. A player comparison you also see used a lot is Hakeem Nicks because of his yards after the catch ability, smooth running and huge hands"