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The Thing I Hated About The Draft

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Bengals owner Mike Brown (Al Behrman, Associated Press)
Bengals owner Mike Brown (Al Behrman, Associated Press) /

The NFL Draft has become must see TV over the years, and I definitely must see it. I’ve gotten to the point where I not only watch it live as much as possible, but I also record it on both ESPN and NFL Network so I can get more points of view. It has developed into an event as popular as as the games themselves. Like most fans, as soon as the season ends, I start looking towards the draft, looking at positions of need, looking at prospects, and trying to predict how it will go.

In the past, draft day came with reservations for Bengals fans. The 90’s and early 00’s are littered with choices that didn’t pan out, and draft day decisions that went wrong. The Bengals turned down the entire New Orleans Saints draft in 1999 so they could take quarterback Akili Smith, who is one of the biggest busts of all-time. In 1992, the Bengals inexplicably selected David Klingler, who didn’t make it. Peter Warrick and Chris Perry were other first round picks who didn’t live up to their billing. Then there was Ki-Jana Carter, taken with the first overall pick, and suffered a major knee injury, leaving fans wondering what might have been. The drafts have been better over the last several years, with solid selections littered throughout each draft. In 2012, however, they have taken the next step. This year’s draft looks to be one of their best ever, and it may have been the best draft of any team. They got solid players, filled needs, and found tremendous value throughout.