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The Thing I Hated About The Draft

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Like a large portion of Bengals fans, I have had ongoing issues with owner and general manager Mike Brown. The general manager part of his title is one of the issues. The Bengals have made questionable personnel moves, including the poor drafting in his years in charge. His reluctance to spend money is just one part of the reason for this. He seems to avoid the top free agents, and even skimps on the scouting department. One former Bengal, who I won’t name here, said that even the food was cheap, and “the worst in the NFL”. I won’t even go into the lack of a practice bubble for the team. Also, during the years that he has been in charge, the Bengals have been one of the least successful franchises in all of sports. They went 15 years without a playoff trip and are currently over 20 years since the last playoff win. All of these things, and a few others, have cause a fair amount of hostility to accumulate toward Brown, and I have frequently taken to my Twitter account to complain.

That brings me to the 2012 NFL Draft, and the thing I hate most about it. As the picks came in, and day one became day two then day three, I found myself excited about what I was seeing. The Bengals were drafting value, addressing needs, and even building up both the offensive and defensive lines, instead of the flashier positions, like years past. Ever pick that came in was applauded by me and everyone else. It ended with universal praise and high grades from the experts. This is as excited about the team’s future as I’ve ever been, which is why the 2012 draft has me ticked off. If the team made all the right calls, and is looking like the future is bright, and getting high marks, then I’m at a loss. If everything about this year’s draft went so well, how in the world am I supposed to complain about Mike Brown?

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