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Stripe Hype Staff Grades Bengals’ Stellar Draft

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Tyler Mercurio

I think that the Bengals scouting department did a great job finding Zeitler. I watched his film compared to DeCastro. He looked more aggressive and had more blow up ability in his hits, to where DeCastro looked as if he was feeling around.

They went out and got Kirkpatrick, whom may not be the best corner out there, but you definitely have to draft a guy with potential.

I was surprised that Sanu and Marvin Jones dropped as well as they did.  They may not be able to flip over a defender, but they have better potential than Simpson did.

Orson Charles was a great pick-up. It is hard enough to defend Gresham when Green and another receiver (Sanu, Jones, Hawkins, Shipley, or Binns) are on their game. It just gives us another miss match for a defense.

The film speaks for itself on Thompson and Still. They are just monsters with enormous hit power.

Dan Herron could come in handy, but we already were carrying four backs that each have an important role on this team.

My final Grade for the draft is an A.