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Where the Holes Remain Unfilled with the Bengals

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The Bengals have had a fantastic offseason in which they  upgraded nearly every position of need on the roster. They had no significant losses that weren’t replaced with players of similar talent. They had arguably the best draft of any NFL team, yet the team still has holes needing filled and foundations that need to be stabilized.

As of now, the Bengals’ biggest weakness is depth at the LB spot. Thomas Howard, Manny Lawson, and Rey Maualuga all have their contracts expire at the end of the 2012-13 season. Those three are also the only reliable LBs on the roster. THe Bengals are one injury away from having to start Dan Skuta or Roderick Muckelroy. That won’t hold up in the physical AFC North. They need to address their LB depth prior to the start of training camp if they are to compete with the likes of Pittsburgh and Baltimore who will run the ball down the Bengals’ throats if they go into the season with the LB corp they have right now. They can’t sleep on the Browns anymore either after they drafted Tent Richardson, the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson.