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Welcome to Camp Rookie. Don’t make these Mistakes

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This current team is totally different. The leaders are hardworking no-nonsense guys. Andrew Whitworth looks like a slim down Grossberger and every bit as intimidating. (See Stir Crazy for reference) and Demato Peko has so much heart he makes Rocky Balboa look like a USC quarterback.

Follow their leads. It’s easy to lose yourself, but keep this in mind. If you stick to the details and do the work that makes you great. The city of Cincinnati will embrace you for life. You can watch old players like David Fulcher and Ickey Woods get lifetime love and respect from a fan base that’s dying for a Super Bowl victory.

This Bengal draft class gets such high grades because for whatever reason guys with first round talent slid to later rounds. Prove those other teams wrong, and don’t forget what team had faith in you.

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