Best Available Free Agents for Bengals

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The NFL off-season is far from over and roster spots have become sparse for most teams. One would assume its a safe bet that Marvin Lewis and the front office have a pretty good idea what the starting rotation will look like at this point. Now its time to figure fill the voids on the depth chart and secure the finals spots based on necessity in the event of injury or poor performance. The draft is gone and past and now there is only the route of free agency (or last minute trades) to fill those voids. Here is a look at the best available free agents based on Cincinnati’s needs for depth (list is in order of position, not ranking):

Running Back: The addition of free-agent BenJarvus Green-Ellis repleted a much needed position after the departure of leading rusher Cedric Benson. But there is not much proven depth behind the BJG.

Justin Forsett (SEA) – Lacks ideal size for an NFL running back but could be a good change of pace for BJG. Has above average power for his size and excellent elusiveness. Can catch and pass-protect which makes him valuable in 3rd down sets.

Ryan Grant (GB) – Possibly not much left in the tank, but when healthy Grant provides a veteran talent with great experience coming from a high-caliber team. Quickly finds the holes and hits it hard, can pass-protect and catch out of the backfield.

LaDanian Tomlinson (NYJ) – A prospect that is much left up to the fan to decide on. I’m personally a huge fan of L.T. and conversely I’ve always been greatly unimpressed with former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s play calling. That being said, we know what he’s done yet no one can know what’s still left in L.T.’s seemingly dwindling hypothetical tank.

Cadillac Williams (STL) – Showed a lot of promised running the ball before being derailed by injuries yet again last year, although he was destined to be limited in carries in St. Louis behind Steven Jackson. Like Tomlinson, we’ve seen his best but the question is what is left.

Mewelde Moore (PIT) – This, to me, would be the most ideal pick-up for any team. He finds the hole, has speed to get to the outside, catches and pass-protects as good as any backup in the NFL. Every opportunity he’s has to start he exceeded expectations and at times against great defenses. Moore is the best available RB in my opinion.

Jerious Norwood (STL) – Fast like Willie Parker, injury prone like…Willie Parker. Good change of pace back for the few games he might be healthy.

Cedric Benson (CIN) – Familiar with the offense, may be willing to take a pay cut to stay with his former team. Benson brought some bright moments during dull years for Cincinnati, why not bring him back at a reduced salary for a backup role?