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Great Scott! Not so much…

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Though he was taken in the 6th Round of the 2009 NFL Draft, there was a feeling that Bernard Scott could be that change of pace RB the Bengals were looking for. He showed good speed and quickness. He set NCAA Division II rushing records. He slid so far down in the draft because of off-field issues that had tainted his image. It appeared he would be a steal.

Scott was given limited opportunities in the offense during his first two seasons. He performed when given a chance, but didn’t seem to prove to be the back that Bengaldom had hoped for. The popular idea was that he needed an increased workload to be more effective. Last season, he was given that opportunity, but unfortunately his production did not meet expectations. He is 28 this year and getting very close to the unmagic number for RBs, 30.

He’s not a good blocker and has a tough time reading and picking up blitzes. He can catch the ball out of the backfield, but he is only average at best. He still has value on Special Teams. He did well when returning kick offs. In 2010, he put up excellent numbers as the return man. He was only given one opportunity last season because of his increased workload in the offense. He’s the best kick returner on the team and it would be great to put him back there again, if he makes the team. However, time has come to end the Bernard Scott experiment.