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Great Scott! Not so much…

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This is an area where the Bengals are thin. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is the starter. Brian Leonard will reprise his role of third down back. Then there is Scott, Aaron Brown, Cedric Peerman, Dan “Boom” Herron, and Rodney Stewart. If the Bengals were to cut ties with Scott, they would be able to improve at RB with 2 of these players. Though there are still questions to be answered, a backfield of Green-Ellis, Leonard, Herron, and Stewart would be ideal.

Boom Herron is solid. He is a tough, between the tackles runner. He can pick up the tough yards and can find his way to the end zone. His senior season at The Ohio State, on paper, doesn’t look overly impressive, but the numbers are still good. He’s the short yardage back that the Bengals have been looking for. Herron can lower his head and pick up the hard yards. He would also be a big help in the red zone offense. Inside the 5, Herron would be able to push opposing defenses back to get into the end zone. A team can never have enough hard nosed runners. Green-Ellis has that ability as the starter, but having another bruiser would help tremendously.

Herron can also play Special Teams. He’s a hard worker and will do what it takes to make the team. While he doesn’t have the speed and agility that a lot of people want, he’s a blue collar type that gets the job done. Boom offers a lot to the team and can help the team in multiple ways. A lot of Bengals fans were wondering when they were going to draft a RB. Herron was not the first choice, but he was the right choice. Everyone wants that flashy, speedy, explosive back, but the Bengals have to stay true to their division. Boom Herron’s style will help to make a difference, especially in AFC North games.