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My Top Ten: Wide Receivers

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3. Roddy White: He just finished his 5th straight season with at least 80 receptions and 1,100 yards. He also has never missed a game. White has become Mr Reliable as well, tying for the league lead with 77 1st down receptions.

2. Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald’s QBs combined for a rating of 73.9, but he still had 1,400 yards and 8 TDs. He’s another highlight reel waiting to happen. A full season with a healthy Kolb should only help.

1. Calvin Johnson: “Megatron” simply can’t be covered by one person. He’s been a top WR for years, but with Matthew Stafford healthy, he showed his dominance, with almost 1,700 yards, 16 TDs, and a ridiculous 32 plays of over 20 yards. He has size, speed, hands, and can jump like he’s on springs. If you see a list where he’s not at the top, toss it.

This was the toughest list yet. There are several other guys who I felt could have been on this list. Jordy Nelson was awesome. Mike Wallace was a human blur. Steve Smith revived his career with Cam Newton. The aforementioned Cruz put up big numbers and danced his way into America’s heart. As always, if you disagree, and think one of these guys, or others, should have been on the list, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter @vancemeek. Discuss and enjoy.

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