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My Top Ten: Running Back

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It’s the running back position’s turn for the top ten treatment. I’ll be using the same criteria as I did for QB, with weight placed on the 2011 season, but taking past seasons into account, as well as how I think they’ll do in 2012. With the inevitable injuries RBs face, this will be a little trickier.

10. Chris Johnson: Johnson’s numbers have decreased for a 2nd straight year, with a drastic dip in production last year. Some think he grew complacent after the big contract. He still has ridiculous breakaway speed and is capable of a big season.

9. Frank Gore: Injuries have been an issue for Gore for years. 2011 saw him remain healthy and he put up 1,200 yards and 8 TDs. He continues to be a huge part of the 49ers offense, and 2012 shouldn’t be any different.