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Man in the Middle

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to the NFL and the SAM, but his growth was apparent. With his improving performance, people were already getting excited about his eventual transition to MLB. Some were already questioning why he was not moved to the middle and Dhani moved to the SAM.

Last season was Rey-Rey’s third in the league and his first in the middle. He had big shoes to fill. Dhani Jones played well as the MLB. He was leader both on and off the field. Plus, who didn’t love seeing him play his air guitar after a big play? The season started off well for No. 58. He was on his to way to his best year professionally. He was coming into his own. He looked like an AFC North MLB. He played hard and was tough. He was quickly becoming a player that other teams would have to make a game plan for.

It came crashing down a bit when Rey suffered an ankle injury at practice. He would only miss 3 games as he came back and played through the pain, even though the injury wound up needing surgery in the offseason. He gutted it out in an effort to help his team. Even with the injury, he still put up his best numbers to date. Each and every season, he has continued to improve. Every year, he is trending upward and becoming the player the Bengals and their fans were hoping for when he was drafted.