Earlier, Jason wrote..."/>

  Earlier, Jason wrote..."/>

What NFL running back does Dan “Boom” herron remind you of?


Earlier, Jason wrote that former Bengals Super Bowl RB, Pete Johnson, said that he guarantees that Dan Herron will start week one.

This is a huge endorsement for Boom, from a good player! Here is what Johnson said about Herron:

1. He’s a great player, the Bengals just have to give him a chance.

2. He’s a good, low runner ( Running high was why many teams didn’t draft Lamar Miller out of Miami)

3. He can catch the football, perfect for the West Coast Offense. Johnson should know, he caught 175 balls over his career.

4. Final and perhaps the most important thing he said, he has a great sense of his surroundings.

Basically every successful NFL running back has to carry these attributes.
Size comparisons: Dan Herron is 5-10, 215 Lbs.

Notable NFL Players near his size- Marshawn Lynch: 5-11, 215 (He puts the team on his back though!)

Ryan Matthews: 6-0, 219 (#10 in the NFL last year in stats)

Ben Tate: 5-11, 217 (Great runner in the shadow of the great undrafted Arian Foster.)

Speed Comparisons: Herron ran a 4.66 in the combine, which everyone knows, is hardly a good time for the NFL. Herron knew he had to do better and ran a 4.53 at the Ohio State pro day.

This is a good sign for anyone, knowing they have to do better, and they go out and perform.

Herron knows he’ll have to beat out the elusive Bernard Scott (Unlikely) or Cedric Peerman (Feasible).

But Marvin Lewis has said that while Herron has ability, special teams is where he may have to fit in first. Can he hit or tackle? That is to be determined, but you can find a video of him giving fan favorite, Taylor Mays a nice wallop!

I know running and hitting in special teams is very different, but it has similar concepts. (Finding seams, attacking holes, finding open area)
Back to the task at hand, who is Herron similar to with 40 times?

Chris Johnson! I jest, but how many RB’s have 4.24 speed?

On a serious note, last years 1st rounder, Mark Ingram comes to mind, but Herron ran faster than Ingram after training.

Matt Forte ran in the high 4.4’s so is a bit faster than Herron.

Shane Vereen of the New England Patriots ran a 4.5 last year and he was known for speed.

Herron may not have elite speed but his film shows he can run by people t o get into the second level.

Conclusion: Everyone knows that it all comes down to game play, after watching highlights, and listening to his skills from a former Pro-Bowl running back, his game reminded me of a current all Pro Running Back.

Matt Forte- As I earlier mentioned, Herron, while a bit slower and shorter, has a somewhat similar blend of size, power and running skill-set of the the former 2nd rounder out of Tulane.

I am no-where near saying that Boom is the second coming of Matt Forte, but perhaps Herron can get a job and make a name for himself. He may win the job in camp after putting on a show, and start as a rookie, much like Forte.

But he will probably win a backup spot, and eventually get reps at RB for this young, up and coming team. But all in all, Dan Herron is just one of many possibly great players that the Bengals may have received in this past draft.

Now sign the dotted line Boom! Let’s get to work!

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