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Drawing The Line

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The Bengals play in the toughest division in football. The AFC North plays a very distinct smash mouth style of football. In a pass happy league, the AFCN still focuses on defense; hard hitting, bone rattling, trash talking, smack you in the face defense. AFCN games are won and lost a yard at a time. Their games are decided on the lines.

The Bengals defensive is line is taking shape to be one of the best in the division. The offensive line is getting high praise, but the defensive line is just as good and might be better. Geno Atkins blew up last season. He led all NFL interior defensive linemen in sacks and earned himself a spot in the Pro Bowl. Atkins has the ability to play all 3 downs or be a pass rush specialist. He is versatile and a superstar in the making. As he continues to grow, he will be the best defensive tackle, not only in the AFCN, but the NFL.