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Drawing The Line

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Atkins is not the lone talent. Defensive end Carlos Dunlap is a beast as well. He’s strong and quick and eats QBs for breakfast. A hamstring injury slowed him down last season, but that just has him even more hungry for this season. Bengals opponents should be concerned, because Carlos is going to eat and eat well this year. He is also stout against the run. Dunlap is another player in a solid rotation that can play all 3 downs. He and Atkins are going to be stars for a long time.

Domata Peko plays a lot of 3 downs. He is the heart and soul of the defensive line. He is a leader on and off the field. He led the line in tackles for the second year in a row despite drawing a lot of double teams. He has a high motor and works hard. Pat Sims is an excellent run stuffer in the middle. When he went down with an injury, it had a big impact on the defense’s ability to stop the run. The Bengals drafted Devon Still and Brandon Thompson to help prevent that this season. Both are excellent lineman that helped to instantly upgrade the line.