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Drawing The Line

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The Bengals have other defensive ends to go with Dunlap. Michael Johnson played the most snaps of anyone on the line last season. He’s big and plays long. He can play the end or switch to linebacker. He can rush the passer or fall back in coverage. Robert Geathers is a QB’s nightmare. His numbers have been down, but he does the dirty work. He draws a lot of double teams, but still pressures the QB. They also signed former first round draft picks Jamaal Anderson and Derrick Harvey. They are both haven’t lived up to their potential, but they are looking to make an impact this year.

An aggressive and dangerous line has been put together. These guys can stuff the run as well as drop opposing QBs. The defensive line is designed for the AFCN. Though some can play every down, the line rotation keeps them fresh, which wears down opposing offensive lines. Late in the game, these guys still have high motors and are ready to work. They won’t be pushed around or dominated. The biggest battle is attrition. When all are healthy, it’s going to be tough to find a better defensive line in the NFL. The line has been drawn and these Bengals are up to the task.

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