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My NFL Top 10: Quarterbacks

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5. Ben Roethlisberger: As a Bengals fan, it pains me to say it, but Big Ben is one of the best. His ability to extend plays makes him an injury risk, but it also leads to big plays. Luckily for Pittsburgh, he often plays through pain, and doesn’t miss many games. He’s accurate on the run and you can’t argue with the results he’s gotten.

4. Eli Manning: Ok, I’ve converted. After throwing 25 INTs in 2010, and barely making the playoffs last season, the younger Manning marched the Giants to a Super Bowl win, his 2nd. He also threw for a “paltry” 4,900 yards and 29 TDs, and helped Victor Cruz salsa his way into America’s heart.

3. Drew Brees: Brees has some detractors who say the system is the reason for his numbers. I’d say completing 71% of your passes for 5,400 yards and 46 TDs is amazing, no matter the system. Brees makes the offense work and remains one of the best, even if he can’t throw it 60 yards in the air.

2. Tom Brady: All Brady did was throw for the 2nd most yards in a season ever, and lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl appearance. Tom Terrific even rushed for three TDs last season. No reason he won’t be among the elite again in 2012.