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Mike Brown: Laugh at his Past; Fear his Future

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Mike Brown’s loyalty seems to be in the wrong place at times.  He has threatened the city, county, and fans, which are in charge of the stadium as much as he is, that he would move the team when he took it over in ’91.  This is the same guy who has kept Marvin Lewis for as long as he has.  Lewis is entering his tenth year as head coach and has a winning percentage just below .500 and zero playoff wins.  I don’t care what franchise you are; a head coach who has been in charge for nine years and has zero playoff wins, you have to get new personal.  He probably should have gotten fired a few years ago.  But Brown thinks he’s the guy who can lead this team to higher water, so that is why he has stayed around for as long as he has.  Many former players have spoken out in the media about their unhappiness with the organization.