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Part 1 of Stripe Hype Exclusive Q&A with Cincinnati Bengals RG Kevin Zeitler

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WDJ: What was your honest feeling and reaction to receiving the call that you’d be drafted as well as hearing your name called?

"KZ: I was pretty calm compared to everyone else once the phone rang. I felt very excited and curious to who was going to pick up because I didn’t know where the number was from. Once coach Lewis told me that the Bengals wanted me there was an immense feeling of satisfaction that all the hard work I had put in over the last couple years had paid off. I felt it again once my name was officially called on the TV."

WDJ: How would you describe the way you approach and play the game?

"KZ: I have always tried to approach the game in a professional way. Meaning that I tried to make sure I worked on every part of my game that could give me an advantage once game time rolled around. Once it’s time to play I try to do everything as fast and intensely as I can."

WDJ: What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses on and off the field?

"KZ: On the field I believe my strength is run blocking while my weakness would be my hands. As far as off the field I think a strength of mine is taking advantage of  opportunities that present themselves such as an opportunity to watch more film or a chance to meet or speak to fans. I’d say my weakness is that I’m usually quiet."