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Weekly Recap: Young Bengals Staying Hungry

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Despite their successful rookie campaign, A.J. Green and Andy Dalton know they still have a lot to learn and are happy to be involved in their first NFL OTAs. Dalton shared these comments:

"We’ve established ourselves now. I guess technically we’re still considered rookies, but after getting that first year of experience it’s definitely going to help us out. And I think the guys know what they’re going to get out of us."

Green knows as the teams’ best player and he has to become a leader, and he wants to lead by example:

"I just want to be that leader that I know I can. I really don’t lead by vocal, I lead by example. I always want to be the first one in a drill and doing everything to the best of my ability. Some of the young guys can actually come along and watch what I do. Work the same and we work together and build this team. It always makes it easy, man. You just got to come to that mentality every day that you are a professional and you come to work every day. I take pride in that. That’s why I push myself to be great"

Rookie safety George Iloka was one of the top performers of the day in team drills:

"The impressive rookie of the day was safety George Iloka, who had a couple nice pass breakups in receiver vs. defensive back drills. Those drills are different under the new CBA because DBs are not allowed to play bump and run coverage."

LB Dontay Moch is still waiting to hear from the NFL regarding his 4-game suspension due to a banned substance and said he has not received a letter from the league regarding any suspensions as he continues to practice and look to become a contributor in 2012 after being inactive in every game his rookie year.

Its also worth noting that the NFL owners today approved moving the NFL trade deadline from week 6 to week 8. They also approved a new injured reserve rule that would allow one IR exemption per year, meaning a player who is on the roster for Week 1 and gets hurt can be placed on IR, and then can return to practice six weeks later, and then play in a game eight weeks later.