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NFL Quarterback Power Rankings: Memorial Day Edition

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21. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo

Fitz started the season on fire last year. It almost seemed like he grew as a quarterback overnight. Fans were enamored by his performances. And then reality struck. He finished the season as a below average passer and began to make many mistakes and throw an abundant amount of interceptions (23). He will need to take corrective action to remain a starter in the NFL.

20. Kevin Kolb, Arizona

I actually almost listed John Skelton here instead, but during the limited time that Kolb played last year, he actually posted better numbers. The trick with Kolb is to see if he can actually remain healthy for an entire season. He has yet to prove that. He will show flashes here and there, but he also has a knack to throw some picks. I haven’t seen any play out of Kolb that has been any better than average.

19. Matt Hasselbeck, Tennessee

Hasselbeck has spent a good amount of time in the NFL. He is a solid veteran and a good leader. It is possible that Jake Locker will start this season at quarterback for the Titans, and he will have a good mentor. I am listing Hasselbeck here because I believe he should start, as he is a good game manager. He won’t carry a team on his shoulders, but he can keep a team in a game.

18. Carson Palmer, Oakland

The former Bengal, Carson Palmer, now with the Raiders is still trying to prove that he is the same Carson of old who used to put up monster numbers year in and year out. He hasn’t shown that potential that he had to this point yet. He continues to struggle with his reads and his accuracy and continues to throw more interceptions than touchdown passes. If he comes around, he can shoot up this list, but he will sit here at the 18th spot for now.