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NFL Quarterback Power Rankings: Memorial Day Edition

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1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

No surprise here. Absolutely the most talented passer of the football in the NFL is Rodgers. He had the best touchdown to interception ratio in the league last year (45/6) and also had the highest passer rating (122.5). Along with that, he had a completion percentage of 68.3, second only to Drew Brees (71.2) and led Green Bay to another playoff birth. Rodgers gets the best out of his receivers as well, leading Jordy Nelson to having one of the most surprising break out years of any NFL player. Rodgers is truly the elite of the elite, and will be for years to come.

That will do it for the NFL quarterback power rankings. I’m sure not every reader will nearly agree with my list, so please sound off on the message board below and let me hear your thoughts. Happy Memorial Day.

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