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Bengals Ranked 30th in ESPN Fan Popularity Poll


In a recent fan study conducted by ESPN which gauged the popularity of every NFL team, the Bengals were ranked the 30th most popular team in the NFL. Even more damaging is was the fact that out of the 10 least popular teams, the Bengals were the second-longest tenured team in the same city, trailing only the Falcons by one year:

"Seven of the 10 least popular teams were relatively new to their cities, either through relocation or expansion. Those teams were Baltimore, Houston, Tennessee, Carolina, Arizona, St. Louis and Jacksonville.Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Cincinnati ranked among the bottom 10 despite longer tenures in their current cites."

In other words, despite being in the city ofCincinnati,Ohiofor four decades, its clear they do not have a well established fanbase. Its no question that Mike Brown has severely damaged the franchise’s popularity in his two decades as the team owner. Hopefully this young and up-and-coming group of Bengals, led by Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, Geno Atkins, and Jermaine Gresham, can revitalize the fanbase of a once proud franchise that went to two Super Bowls in an eight-year span.

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