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AFC Power Rankings: OTA Edition

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Now that NFL OTAs are here with mandatory team activities coming up, we can begin to project who the best teams are in the AFC that the Bengals will be competing for playoff spots against and where they rank in the AFC pecking order:

16. Jaguars- With Blaine Gabbert as your starting Quarterback, you aren’t gonna win too many games.

15. Colts- Andrew Luck isn’t Peyton Manning (yet). He lacks pieces around him to succeed right away, so don’t expect him to give this team an additional six wins.

14. Raiders- Can’t really say they had a good draft because they gave away all their draft picks. Is the Terrell Pryor era getting ready to begin?!

13. Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill’s first year in the NFL and second full season as a Quarterback, he’ll play like it.

12. Browns- Reason the Browns struggled last year was because they were missing their star punter Reggie Hodges.

11. Titans- Without Chris Johnson being CHRIS JOHNSON, they won’t compete in the weak South division.

10. Bills- Bills obviously think they are a contender after the signing of Mario Williams, but playing the Jets and Patriots twice a year is no easy task.

9. Jets- Tebow will eventually take over the starting QB spot for the Jets. Not because Tebow is better, but because Sanchez is that bad.

8. Chiefs- New head coach Romeo Crennel will bring new life to this team, as he showed last year, and with the team getting back key players from injury they can compete in the West.

7. Chargers- Expecting a bounce back season from Phillip Rivers, but he is missing his favorite receiver, Vincent Jackson, when he signed with Tampa Bay

6. Steelers- Upgraded their offensive line and brought in Ken Whisenhunt to run the offense, who know what kind of numbers Roethlisberger could put up.