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Bengals Fans need to keep Expectations in Perspective

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However, they did point out some gaping holes on the Bengals roster that could cost them dearly if those positions are exposed this season, particularly the safety position:

"It’s at another position in the secondary, however, where the Bengals’ biggest hole remains: strong safety. Typically, when a team decides to unceremoniously release an aging team captain, they have a promising understudy already in place (See Pittsburgh’s handling of Hines Ward). To replace Chris Crocker, who was allegedly let go due to durability issues even though he started all 16 games last season, Cincinnati has … Taylor Mays? So much for praising Mike Brown, I guess. Let’s recap Mays brief career, shall we? At the behest of Mike Singletary (and only Mike Singletary), Mays was taken by the 49ers in the second round of the 2010 draft. Shortly into the 2010 season, Mays was elevated to the starting strong safety spot in one of Singletary’s last moves as head coach (San Francisco was 0-3 at the time). Mays played so badly that he was benched after only five games — even Singletary couldn’t take any more — and finished the season having allowed 18.4 yards per pass. Then, in an extremely rare move for an NFL team, San Francisco basically gave Mays away after only one season, accepting Cincinnati’s seventh-round pick in 2013 for a player they drafted in the second round. Are there in-house options at strong safety other than Mays? Sure, except that Robert Sands, Jeromy Miles, and 2012 fifth-rounder George Iloka all have played even fewer NFL snaps on defense than Mays has."

Its refreshing to see an article that actually looks at the holes on the current Bengals squad. With all the love they’ve gotten this offseason, you’d think they were favorites to win the AFC and advance to the Super Bowl, when in reality they haven’t won a playoff game in 21 years. Baby steps people. Baby steps.

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