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Week in Review: Andy Dalton Gets The Jay Gruden Grooming

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This natural relationship translated into Daltons success last year as Gruden simplified his West Coast offensive play book due to a lockout shortened season. With no minicamp and no OTAs no one expected Dalton to play as well as he did, but Gruden knew how to groom him slowly and simply. Even playing in the toughest division in football couldn’t stop Dalton from throwing for 7 more touchdowns than interceptions, a great feat for a rookie QB.
Now with a full offseason Dalton should only improve with Gruden opening up the playbook significantly and the Bengals newest offensive additions.
Though some critics point out Andy Daltons struggles throwing the deep ball and question his arm strength and lack of ideal size look at what QB Drew Brees was able to accomplish in a 6’0 frame last season. He is one of the shortest QBs in the NFL and lacks ideal arm strength. Yet, since pairing with offensive guru Sean Payton, Brees has been shattering league records left and right.
Maybe the coupling of Dalton and Gruden will prove to be as prolific.

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