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A Time To Remember: Meeting Brandon Phillips

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We live in Indianapolis, so we had to drive down to Cincinnati for the meet up. He called before we met and asked how I would like him to sign the bat. I asked him to make it out to me and my wife. Not only did he sign the bat to the two of us, he included a huge, very personal inscription. He signed it, “To Crystal & Joe Elder, Thank You 4 All The Support!! Congrats Again 4 Winning My BPGiveaway & Hope You Enjoy My MamaLue Pink Bat!! Nice Meeting You!” He signed his name, his number 4, and DatDude. On the bat knob, he signed “Phil 4:13”, his number 4, a cross, and “Dude”. He also put a cross on the top of the bat barrel. Talk about personalization!

He took pictures with both of us and was very personable. He wanted to make sure it was a memorable experience. He more than succeeded. My wife and I will remember that day forever. He never broke his attention away from us. Even as a crowd began to form, it was like we were the only 3 people in the world. While we were talking, I asked if he would mind signing a baseball for me as well, he said sure and signed it right on the sweet spot. The thing that really stood out to my wife was that he is very soft spoken. He’s very outgoing and has an incredible personality, but he’s not in your face or overly boisterous.

We’re both big time Reds fan and we have always both been huge fans of Brandon. After meeting him, we’re even bigger fans, if that’s possible. He’s a multimillionaire superstar professional baseball player, but you would never guess it if you got to talk to him. He’s humble, hard working, and determined. He has fun and loves to laugh and joke around, but he is constantly striving to be better at his craft. On top of that, he makes time for the fans. He genuinely enjoys talking to and being around his fans. There are not enough positives I can say about the man. We cannot say Thank You enough, not just for the bat, but for the entire experience. It was truly an honor to meet him.

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