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Breaking down the Bengals Improved 2012 Running Game

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Taking all of this into consideration, the Bengals have a running back that doesn’t fumble and can get the tough yards to extend a drive or find the end zone, they also have a vastly improved offensive line to open up gaping holes for these backs to run between, they have a passing attack that will keep defenses honest, and they have more team players than ever this year. There will be no more sulking on the sidelines by anyone because of the lack of touches. Team morale is at an all-time high and that is one of the greatest attributes for any part of this team.

While the Bengals running game may not produce gaudy numbers for one single player, there should be a great distribution between Scott and Green-Ellis during the season to equal that of a solid rushing attack that needs to be respected. You can expect this rushing attack to remain fresh for the entire season as well due to the more even distribution of carries. If the Bengals find their way into the postseason again in 2012, there will be no more 7 carries for 14 yards which were the numbers that Benson put up during the Bengals postseason game against the Texans last season. The backs will be fresh and will continue to produce for the Bengals hopefully deep into the playoffs.

There has been a lot of concern throughout Bengaldom over the off-season about the running game, so I am well aware that there are Bengals fans that do not feel the same way as I do about this situation. I’d love to hear your perspective on the Bengals 2012 running game, so please, sound off on the comments section below and let us at Stripe Hype know what you think.

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