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Week in Review: Stripe Hype Fantasy Football Positional Breakdown

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Tight Ends

1. Rob Gronkowski– This is an obvious pick.  17 TD’s for a tight end is unreal.  This is Brady’s favorite target and he gets it to him often.  He is a huge player making him a huge target in the red zone.

2. Jimmy Graham– This kid has a great story.  And there is no denying is ability on the field.  He is 6’7 and gets lined up as a receiver most the time.  He is Brees’ favorite target in the red zone and looks for him anywhere else on the field.  Over 1300 yards last year is tough to pass up

3. Vernon Davis– This guy is a freak, and starting turning heads last year in the playoffs.  Alex Smith isn’t a spectacular QB and struggles at times.  He looks for his tight end often as a safety blanket.  Davis racks up big yards and TD’s making him a top pick at the tight end spot.

4. Antonio Gates– Some may be concerned about his age, but I believe he still can produce big numbers for the Chargers.  Rivers struggled last year, and that may have been because he was missing his favorite target.  I expect these two to get back on the same page and put up number like they have the past five years.

5. Aaron Hernandez– Yes, the second Patriots tight end.  Any second string tight end on another team will be lucky to have ten catches in a season.  Hernandez almost tallied 1000 yards last year.  Hernandez is a great compliment to Gronk, making it difficult for defenses to cover both of these guys.

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