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Week in Review: AFC North: Quarterback Comparison

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Arm Strength

Arm strength is a slightly overrated category for quarterbacks in the NFL as there are many out there who do not possess super-human strength and do just fine. However is is a plus to have a quarterback who you can count on to provide enough velocity on his passes and have the capability to throw the deep ball when needed.

1. Joe Flacco – Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the NFL as he can get some amazing velocity on his passes and throws a very nice deep ball. Coming out of college, arm strength was Flacco’s biggest attribute. He was the quarterback who had the cannon to deliver passed down field to speedy wide receivers. He has shown time and time again that he can make big throws at any point in a game and rarely misses on his deep balls.

2. Ben Roethlisberger – When Ben first came into the league, his arm strength and deep ball were below average. He was constantly under throwing his receivers. In the past couple of seasons, however, Ben has been much better at the deep ball. With speedy receivers such as Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace helping him out, Ben has been able to deliver much nicer deep passes and he has greatly improved the velocity on his throws as well.

3. Andy Dalton – Recent reports surfaced about Dalton’s ‘lack of arm strength’. It was confusing to Bengals fans everywhere. Obviously, it did not hinder his performance last season as he completed many deep passes to A.J. Green and Jerome Simpson. However, he did have to resort to throwing many jump balls to those receivers and was fortunate that they were athletic enough to come down with it. Over the off-season, Dalton put on lots of muscle on his upper body and works on improving his footwork for throwing a deep ball. Reports surfaced of Dalton hitting Green on a 72-yard pass during OTA’s which means that his deep ball has already improved significantly. After the 2012 season, this category could shift into Dalton’s favor.

4. Brandon Weeden – Weeden has a baseball pitcher background which translates very well to throwing the football with some great velocity. He can zip a ball anywhere on the field with force. After watching film on him in college, I was very impressed by the amount of velocity he was able to generate. This is another quarterback who can move up in this category if he can show those same flashes on the professional level.