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Week in Review: AFC North: Quarterback Comparison

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Accuracy may be another top attribute for a quarterback to possess. Especially in the AFC north where ball control is so important. It is key to have a quarterback who is able to deliver accurate passes and maintain control of the football well enough to not allow opposing defenses to get their hands on it. Being accurate is something a quarterback needs to be successful in the NFL.

1. Andy Dalton – What Dalton ‘lacks’ in arm strength, he certainly makes up for in accuracy. Dalton is very capable of fitting a ball into tight windows and always places the ball where only his receiver can make a play. On short to intermediate routes, he seems to be spot on with his delivery and can make throws to either sideline with ease. He has great touch on his fade routes. He will not miss a wide open receiver wherever he is on the field. He excels at planting his feet and turning his hips to make an accurate throw. Accuracy is one of the biggest reasons for Dalton’s success during his rookie campaign in the 2011 season.

2. Ben Roethlisberger – Ben is mostly accurate when in the pocket when he can plant his feet to make a throw. However, he is still very dangerous when on the run. He is capable of making a very accurate pass while on the run and can even throw across his body to a good degree of accuracy. As he has been asked to throw the ball more lately, he is developing into much more of a complete passer than his earlier years in the NFL.

3. Joe Flacco – Flacco can be accurate at times, fitting the ball into tight windows, but he is known for missing his target at times. He only accounted for a completion percentage of 58% in 2011 and that includes the vast amount of dump off passes that he threw to his running backs and tight ends during the season. Flacco needs to improve a great deal on his intermediate passing which is where he tends to be inaccurate at times.

4. Brandon Weeden – Weeden actually has very nice accuracy. After watching tape on him, he seems to be able to fit the ball into very tight windows to his receivers over the middle. He doesn’t miss open wide receivers. One thing that I noticed he struggled with is his passing to the sidelines. He tends to overthrow his targets at those times. However, he does have a nice touch on fade routes which should come in handy for him in the red zone in the NFL. If he can prove that he can do this on the professional level, he could certainly move up this list with ease.