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Week in Review: The Rivalry Inside

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The Bengals have an ongoing trend that may be unnoticed most fans. This trend is one Mike Brown hopes will translate to success on the professional level as it has proved to do so on the collegiate platform. Currently the Cincinnati Bengals have 20 former SEC players on the team roster. Whether this is coincidence or design is unknown, but one can’t help but notice such a high number especially when players from the Southeastern Conference are being picked so high in the draft.
It is impossible to think that with so many players from different schools in the same conference that there isn’t some sort of inner locker room rivalry. Most of the Bengals’ SEC players came from the University of Georgia. Six to be exact. There are 3 former Florida Gators, two Kentucky Wildcats and Alabama Crimson Tide players each and one player from South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU and Auburn.