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NFL Power Rankings: Minicamp Edition

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28. Minnesota Vikings – Look on the bright side, Minnesota fans. At least you have a stadium to play in. On the other hand, you have a shaky offensive line, a weak secondary, and a quarterback in Christian Ponder who is still trying to figure out the NFL. I don’t imagine anything special coming from this franchise in the upcoming season.

27. St. Louis Rams – The Rams lost a lot of talent in free agency this year when Brandon Lloyd went to the Patriots. Sam Bradford had one crazy sophomore slump, and it’s hard to see it getting any better for him in the upcoming season. With Steven Jackson’s best years behind him, this team has a lot of work to do.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs had a great free agency period by adding some nice offensive weapons including Vincent Jackson. However, Josh Freeman had a terrible year last season and now he has a new system to learn under Greg Schiano. I think this team may be a year or two away from contention; however, it wouldn’t surprise me if they wound up to be a sleeper team this season.

25. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins had one of the more questionable off seasons in the league this year. They let Brandon Marshall walk and they drafted their quarterback way too early with the eighth overall selection without trying to trade down for more picks. There are too many holes to fill on this team to warrant any kind of contention this season.

24. Arizona Cardinals – The Cards got their number 2 wide receiver in Michael Floyd in this year’s draft to pair with Larry Fitzgerald. That’s great, but until they figure out who will be throwing them the ball, there is a lot to worry about in the desert.