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The D-Team: How to Better Develop NFL Players

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This is something that the NFL needs to strongly consider. At worst, they try it for a couple of seasons and scrap it because it doesn’t work out. At best, it could add so much more talent to the game. Players who have the ability, but need extra time could now get it and become valuable pieces to their team. As for players with injuries, there would be no reason to rush them back and potentially have them re-injure themselves. They could spend their PUP time working out with the developmental players and knock the rust off. When they are able to come in and play for their team again, they don’t have to miss a beat. It would be really helpful for players coming back from significant injuries.

Owners may balk at the idea because they would be paying additional players. These players would make what the Practice Squad players make with the exception of rehabbing players. It’s a win-win all around. Yes, it would cost owners and the NFL a little extra at first, but it would only help to improve the on field product. In the end, everyone comes out ahead. Teams can further develop their talent without worrying about them taking up a roster spot. Injured players have another avenue to use to rehab and get ready to get back on the field. Additional players get an opportunity to live out their dreams of playing professional football. Instead of rushing to make a trade or signing a free agent, teams could pluck their own talent from their Development Team. There are so many advantages that it’s a concern that it hasn’t happened yet.

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