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All-Time Top 5 Bengals Quarterbacks

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1. Ken Anderson, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback (1972 – 1984)
Anderson is the number one quarterback on my list for a number of reasons. During his days as a Bengal, he brought a stellar passing attack to this team that finally allowed it to be a legitimate threat in the league. Anderson was one of the most consistent and accurate quarterbacks of all time. You can easily back up that remark with this stat: Anderson completed 70.6% of his passes in the 1982 season. That was an NFL record that stood for 27 years and countless numbers of Hall of Fame quarterbacks until it was finally broken by Drew Brees in 2009. In 1982, Anderson was named the NFL MVP, and was given the Comeback Player of the Year award. That same year, Anderson led the Bengals to their first Super Bowl. Many remember Anderson beating the Chargers in the infamous ‘Freezer Bowl’ to get there. Unfortunately, like Esiason, Anderson was also bested by Joe Montana and the 49ers.

Aside from his completion percentage record that I just mentioned, Anderson also held many other NFL records upon his retirement. He held the record for consecutive completions in a game (20), he also held the record for completion percentage in a game which happened in 1974 (90.9%).

Anderson has been on the ballot for the Hall of Fame twice now, making it into the final 15 one time, but has yet to be selected. NFL Films called Anderson one of the top 10 all time players who should be in the Hall of Fame. Anderson brought lots of life to the Bengals and I know that fans everywhere would love to see him enshrined in Canton. Let’s hope that one of these days he gets the recognition that he so very much deserves.

That will do it for the top 5 Bengals quarterbacks of all time. Be sure to sound off in the comments section below or message me on Twitter to let me know if you agree or disagree with this list. I’m sure Bengals fans everywhere are with me when I say that I hope Dalton can put up the numbers this year to move up on this list of all-time greats. Here’s looking forward to another great year for the Bengals and their young quarterback.

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