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Noon Headlines: Brandon Johnson A Steeler, DeSean Jackson A Rapper


The Bengals lose hope of bolstering their linebacker corps after the Steelers sign Brandon Johnson yesterday.

DeSean Jackson keeps spending money on his rap label. If it doesn’t take off, he could be going the way of MC Hammer. He also raps on a track on one of his label’s upcoming albums.

Keith Rivers thinks that the Giants got a steal after trading a 5th round draft pick to the Bengals for him.

The Lions keep piling on the suspensions and off-field incidents as Mikel Leshoure is suspended two games in 2012.

Saints are talking to teams including the Patriots about pre-season joint practices. It looks like they don’t want to wait to injure players this season.

Bears release a veteran offensive lineman. They didn’t draft any either. Not quite sure what Chicago is thinking in terms of keeping Jay Cutler upright this season.

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