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The week after the draft showed the true colors of NFL fans everywhere. Everyone is grading their respective teams’ drafts and sharing their opinions. But the main statistic that you can look at is how ticket sales have changed for your team post draft.

The Cincinnati Bengals had arguably the best draft in 2012. It showed. Not only by all of the hype by draft pundits and fans alike, giving Cincinnati high draft grades, but by the increase in ticket sales once the draft was completed.

Cincinnati had one of the highest percentage increases in the NFL, with ticket sales on increasing by 103%. That accounts for the fourth largest increase in that area out of all 32 NFL teams. The only teams with higher percentages were the Eagles (125%), Browns (119%), and Bills (107%)

When you look at the teams ahead of the Bengals, you can see why this statistic is relevant. The Eagles already have an explosive offense and revamped their defensive front and are poised to make a run at the NFC East title. The Bills had one of the more solid drafts and free agency periods in the NFL including bringing in talented defensive end, Mario Williams. And the Browns, well, they got Trent Richardson. I guess that counts for something.