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The Time Of The Fan

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Bengals fans can still criticize Mike Brown for everything he’s done wrong with this organization from day one (I know I do). But the fact of the matter is that Brown seems to be turning over a new leaf with the organization. I haven’t seen many ‘Mike Brown picks’ in the past couple years of the draft. I have definitely seen plenty of ‘Marvin Lewis picks’ though.

I believe that even though Brown still holds the title of GM, he is willing to let the coaching staff and scouts get their say in on the Bengals draft selections. If this trend continues, and I hope it does, the possibilities are endless for the Bengals organization.

The increase in ticket sales is just the beginning for the new era Cincinnati Bengals; a team that has all of the tools necessary to start winning games, but more than anything, winning back their fan base and selling out home games. Football fans everywhere know how important it is to have a sellout crowd screaming at the tops of their lungs at a home game. Opposing teams have all of the noise and chants to deal with which can cause delay of game penalties, false starts, and unnecessary time outs.

In conclusion, I’d like to say to all Bengals fans – let’s keep this up. Keep going to games, keep supporting the team, support the players by showing up on Sundays. If I’m right about this, doing so will help this team win games and allow for much needed improvements within the organization for years to come.

This is our time… the time of the fan. Who Dey!

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