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To sum everything up, it just so happens that for now, anyway, I see all of the former first-round picks on the Bengals roster making up the six cornerbacks on the 53. It would be tough to lose Brandon Ghee, but I’m sure he won’t last too long on the market as teams are searching for cornerbacks for the upcoming season. I would like to see Prater on the practice squad this season to allow him to develop as I believe that he could be a valuable starter in the future.

So, with that all being said, my prediction for the Bengals six cornerbacks on the 53-man roster this season are: Leon Hall, Dre Kirkpatrick, Nate Clements, Pacman Jones, Jason Allen, and Terence Newman. Some may disagree to keep some of these older vets over the likes of younger players in Brandon Ghee or Shaun Prater, but keep in mind that the safety position aside of Reggie Nelson is far from being set, and the Bengals can use as much experience in the secondary as they can get this season. Be sure to let us as Stripe Hype know what you think of the Bengals cornerback situation by sounding off on the message board below.

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