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Best of 2011: Bengals Win the Draft

By Editorial Staff
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Hey there may be no football in fall, but at least they’re #Winning. ESPN has already had their “Draft experts” rank all the picks made in the draft and give their takes. Kiper ranked every NFL team and only 2 teams were given A’s. Those teams being the Detroit Lions and the Cincinnati Bengals.

When grading teams Kiper broke down the grading the teams he had to main grading scales. He ranked their ability to address need, ex you really needed a pass rusher and you only brought in WR’s and DB’s; don’t expect to get a high grade. The other scale is the value of the picks. This is just what it sounds, are the picks a value at the position they were drafted or are they reaches. Examples of Value is drafting someone who should have been drafted a round earlier, while having no value is drafting a player a round early.