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In Marvin We Trust?

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I’ve been critical of Marvin Lewis for the past several years, and was one of the people who thought he should have been fired after 2010. I even wrote an entire blog entry about why he needed to be replaced as head coach. One of my biggest reasons, and something I’m still leery about, is his ability to call a game. His game plan, at times, has been stagnant and predictable, although, a full offseason with offensive coordinator Jay Gruden should lessen that issue. His use of challenge flags and timeouts have also been a concern. More than once, at the end of the first half, Marvin made some questionable decisions with time, and has also wasted more than once challenge on a play with no chance of being overturned.

Another issue I have had is the team’s tendency to play at their opponents level. The Bengals have had some success against division rivals, especially Baltimore, but have played poorly against bad teams, losing games they shouldn’t. He also seems to lack aggressiveness when they have a lead, letting teams get back in games that they should have locked up. He seems to lack the killer instinct, playing “not-to-lose” rather than going for the throat.