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In Marvin We Trust?

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One thing that has been positive during the Marvin Lewis era has been the increased proficiency in building the roster. During the ’90s and early ’00s, the draft was a source of trepidation for Bengals fans. There were lackluster players, injuries, and outright busts during that time. During Lewis’s time, the draft has become more of a source of pride, with the team making solid selections more often than not. By all accounts, Lewis is getting more of a say in those decisions, and might be a large part of the reason for those successes. As he continues to hold the trust of Mike Brown, fans might get the benefit of more and more solid drafts.

The perfect solution would seem to be to make Lewis the general manager, a position that Mike Brown himself has held previously. This would have a two-fold benefit. First, Lewis could continue with the team, doing what, in my opinion, he does best, and that’s evaluate and add talent. Secondly, the team could promote either Mike Zimmer or Jay Gruden to head coach. One or both of them could be in line for a promotion in the very near future and losing both of them could stunt the growth of the young players. The question would be whether or not Mike Brown would ever hire a GM. Lewis hasn’t started negotiating for a new contract so far, and with Zimmer and Gruden both in possible jeopardy of leaving, the future of the coaching staff is in a state of flux. I think some decisions need to be made, and although I’m lukewarm on Marvin Lewis the head coach, I think I could get behind Marvin Lewis the general manager.

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