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Week in Review: Sean’s 2012 Top 10 Fantasy Football Tight Ends

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6. Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers

Finley is a big target as a tight end and he has the benefit of playing in Green Bay’s gun-slinging, pass-happy offensive scheme. Aaron Rodgers continuously finds all of his targets and Finley is always among them. Finley also serves as a great red zone option and can record numerous touchdowns.

2012 Projection: 847 receiving yards, 9 receiving TD’s – 138 points

5. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

Witten is the anti-Finley of NFL tight ends. Where Finley gets most of his fantasy points via touchdowns, Witten does it in yardage. Witten may not be the big touchdown threat that many other tight ends are, but he is always one of the first reads for quarterback Tony Romo.

2012 Projection: 982 receiving yards, 6 receiving TD’s – 146 points