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Week in Review: Sean’s 2012 Top 10 Fantasy Football Tight Ends

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4. Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers

Davis is quarterback Alex Smith’s favorite target and will continue to be in 2012. He acts like the number one option on the 49ers offense and sometimes that is actually the case. Smith started to find his rhythm last season and Davis benefited from that. I expect bigger things from Smith and the 49ers offense this season which means bigger numbers for Davis as well.

2012 Projection: 932 receiving yards, 9 receiving TD’s – 147 points

3. Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers

Gates has been one of the most talented tight ends in all of football since he stepped into the league. The former basketball player is a terror to cover for opposing defenses. With Vincent Jackson’s departure to Tampa Bay, I can only figure that Phillip Rivers will throw to his trusty tight end more often this season.

2012 Projection: 934 receiving yards, 10 receiving TD’s – 153 points

2. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints

I sense a trend happening, as our number 2 and 3 tight ends on the list are former basketball players. Graham had a monster season in New Orleans last season. Drew Brees found him early and often in each game last year. He was one of the most consistent fantasy players out of any position in 2011. You will get more of the same out of him in 2012.

2012 Projection: 1,211 receiving yards, 11 receiving TD’s – 187 points