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Week in Review: Sean’s 2012 Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

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Below are my top 10 fantasy football wide receivers for the 2012 season. I am basing all statistics on standard fantasy football scoring (1 point for 10 receiving yards, 6 points for a receiving TD). Each player will receive a rank, a brief explanation, and a 2012 scoring prediction.

10. A.J. Green,Cincinnati Bengals

As a rookie in 2011, Green had over 1,000 receiving yards and 7 TD’s; most of which came from a rookie quarterback in Andy Dalton. Now that these two have the benefit of off-season activities and a year under their belts in the NFL, I expect a huge surge from Green this season, securing himself as one of the NFL’s elite receivers.

2012 Projection: 1,234 receiving yards, 8 TD’s – 171 points

9. Marques Colston,New Orleans Saints

Colston can be an absolute beast and easily creates mismatches for defensive backs. He is a big target and it doesn’t hurt that he has Drew Brees throwing him the ball. He’d be ranked higher on this list ifNew Orleansdidn’t spread the ball around so much in their offense. Even still, Colston will have another solid year in 2012.

2012 Projection: 1,278 receiving yards, 9 TD’s – 181 points