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Week in Review: Rooting For Failure

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It would be easy to say it’s just a product of being fanatical about our sports, but this translates to all stars in any industry. We love when the rich and famous are in the news for legal trouble, marital infidelity, money issues, or anything that we can seize on. In the end, maybe it just makes us feel better that those people blessed with talents we don’t have can experience the same types of troubles that we go through. But should we feel this way? Probably not. The NFL and other sports are at their best when everybody is playing and playing well. Instead of being enthusiastic about the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, we should have hoped they were innocent and at full strength because they’re as fun a team to watch as there is. Society isn’t likely to change, so these types of behaviors will go on, but be mindful of it. The next time a high-profile player is dealing with a legal or personal issue, keep in mind, they’re human, and while they might deserve punishment and their problems might be their fault, is it our place to pile on? We should enjoy these guys for what they are: amazingly talented guys who can do things we only wish we could. Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger aren’t perfect, but they are the reason that the NBA and NFL exist, so don’t root for their failures, root for their ability. Instead of rooting for other teams to fail, just root for our own teams to succeed.  As for LeBron, root against him if you like. I will be. Don’t root for utter failure though. I might hope he loses, but when he drives and dunks over five guys, it’s spectacular. Enjoy it while you can.

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